Saturday, June 03, 2006

trixbox initial impressions

Downloaded trixbox 1.0 on 6/1 and finally had time to install and test it this morning.

The install was very simple on to a system I've had running A@H 1.28 and sipX.

Once the CD installation was complete, logged in as root and ran netconfig to setup an IP address on the system.

From there I was able to hit the box from a web browser on another machine and work with freePBX as in version 1.28 of A@H. Love the new updating options with trixbox and freePBX. Hopefully it is the end of full re-installs. This was one of the big issues I had with the product before. That and the hangup with the Asterisk At Home name.

I like the looks of the new Hud Lite application on the pbx. Still fighting with trying to get it to function as a softphone (not sure if it even can yet). One thing I don't like is that the extensions you want to see in hud lite must be entered in separately from the extensions when setup in freePBX.

I'm also fighting with some call quality issues with Counterpath's eyebeam 1.1 with Asterisk. I had this issue with A@H 1.28 and they continue. The hard phones seem to work fine and eyebeam works fine with the sipX / Pingtel pbx I'm working on.

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