Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Paragon GSM / WiFi phone launched

Paragon Wireless launched a new GSM / WiFi called 'Hipi'. The new phone is a dual-mode phone that supports GSM (900, 1800 & 1900 MHz), GPRS and WiFi with SIP.

Paragon reports that the phone has been tested in the United States with some 30 different SIP infrastructures and providers.

The phone also sports PDA functionality with e-mail, calendar, a web browser and a camera (1.3 M pixel).

The software in the phone is based on Linux. At its core, the phone utilizes an Intel PXA271 processor.

Battery life was worked on extensively with the phone. Apparently 70 to 100 hours of standby time can be had, even with both radios turned on.

Here are the impressive published specs...

Paragon has recently opened an office in Dallas with two employees and has approximately 40 employees in China.

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