Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fonality Hud Lite on Trixbox

Finally got Hud Lite working this morning. It should be considered a companion for you desk phone.

It has its own web site at:

The trick to making it work is that your devices should all be named SIPx where 'x' is the extension. Also, use your deskphone's extension and SIP password.

The default HUD Lite server password is 'password'. To change it see this post:

HUD Pro is only available if you have a Fonality PBX. Apparently it only works with Asterisk 1.09 at the moment. It would be nice if they allowed you to purchase just HUD Pro but I guess they are counting it as one of their PBX's competitive advantages. It is a nice looking product and seems to work very well.


osi_07 said...

What do you mean by "devices should all be named SIPx " ?

I've got Trixbox 2.2.
When I create an Extension, i habe to give him an Extension-Nbr. (Example: 2002) and a Name (Example SIP2002).

it still don't want to work...

In Asterisk Info you will still see:Host unsepcified.

Any Idees ?

Mike said...

Whoa... been almost a year since I posted that!

I've really moved away from Trixbox and have been focusing on sipX... Try the trixbox web forums or the HudLite forums...