Monday, January 15, 2007

Apple iPhone

Guess it is time to weigh in on the iPhone since everybody else is.

I think Apple could stick almost anything into a nice white case and it's fans (lemmings) would buy it. At $400 to $500 plus a 2 year contract I think I'd start crying when I got the first scratch on that nice shiny screen.

I think it is cool that OSx will be on the device but how much will that really open up the device? The wireless carriers have been holding back the phone vendors for quite some time with the Wifi stuff. It is certainly good to see that trend disappearing.

6 months from now will be the true test... that's a long time in technology land. I'm sure Motorola & Nokia will be up for the fight.

In the end the iPhone will help the consumer win... more apps, more open... whether it's the iPhone or not.

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